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Wandha Pethi?

Since the 1950’s, when a newspaper ad claimed that women who drank ‘Watha Kaha’ under a solar eclipse would turn fair, Sri Lankans have yet failed to distinguish between what is scientifically possible and what is fake news.

Is it possible for food to be contaminated by a pill so potent it renders one infertile? Read the statements below dismissing the possibility!

7 March 2018 (Colombo, Sri Lanka): Particularly in relation to the Ampara incident, which stemmed from inaccurate information relating to reproductive health, this joint statement by WHO and UNFPA is released to clarify the misconceptions. Current UN Resident Coordinator a.i. and WHO Representative in Sri Lanka, Dr. Razia Pendse, said: “There is no medication or ‘pills’ currently known or available that can permanently make a human being sterile. The information on use of an ‘infertility pill’ or ‘sterilization pill’ mixed with food is baseless with no scientific evidence.”

Read full statements below.