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State of Emergency Lifted

22nd August: Despite Emergency Regulations being lifted after four months, the military will remain deployed across the country to assist the police to maintain public order and peace.

This is in terms of a Special Gazette notification issued by President Maithripala Sirisena on Thursday .

Military Spokesman Sumith Atapattu told the Sunday Times since emergency regulations had been lifted, military personnel could be withdrawn other than in necessary places but the military would continue to assist the police to maintain public order and peace.

“The military won’t be taken to barracks until the security situation is returned to normal completely,” he said.

Under the state of emergency, the military was able to detain a person for 72 hours, but under the existing regulations, it will not be able to make such detentions.Also under the emergency, the military had powers to search, seize and arrest and initiate legal action, but now it would have to accompany the police


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What is a State of Emergency?

The 2019 State of Emergency was implemented directly after the Easter Sunday terror attacks, as a response to the extremist threat and subsequent inter-ethnic rioting. While the Sri Lankan Constitution does not provide a formal definition of what exactly a State of Emergency entails, Sri Lanka’s Public Security Ordinance describes its proclamation as valid where there is an “existence or imminence of a state of public emergency” and “supplies and services essential to the life of the community” are under threat. As a result, when a State of Emergency is declared, the Government is provided with extraordinary powers to deal with the identified threat, including the suppression of certain fundamental rights.  Source: http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Lifting-Sri-Lanka-s–State-of-Emergency-/14-685023