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Public Dress Code Amended

The Ministry of Public Administration has issued an amended Circular with regard to the Dress Code of public sector employees.

The circular which received Cabinet approval this week has been sent to all Secretaries to Ministries, Chief Secretaries of Provinces and Heads of Departments on Wednesday (26).

It is signed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Disaster Management and Rural Economic Affairs, J.J. Rathnasiri.

It states that the following provisions should be followed concerning the attire of public officers:

1.When public officers arrive at their office premises during the office hours, male officers should be dressed in trousers and shirt or national dress whilst female officers should be dressed in saree, Kandian saree (Osari) or any other appropriate and modest attire so as to preserve the dignity of the public service. An officer should always be dressed in a manner which exposes the full face (except ears) and causes no hindrance to the provisions made with regard to public security.

2.The officers who are already receiving a uniform/ uniform allowance should engage in their duties dressed in his/her approved uniform. Ex: Persons who hold posts such as Driver, KKS, Grama Niladhari etc.

3. The female officers in the public service should, during the pregnancy, wear attire which is appropriate and convenient for them.

4. If there are officers who have arranged their clothing according to certain religious customs, such officers should be attired in the manner indicated in I above and use an additional clothing item to keep their religious identity but so as to expose their full face (except ears) ensuring their clear identification.