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Kattankudy Mosque Massacre (1990)

Today 3rd August, marks 29 years since the Kattankudy Mosque massacre. 147 Muslim men and boys were killed as they were attending congregational prayers at two mosques. Read below for stories dedicated to those who lost their lives that day in Sri Lanka.

Army Website:

“The horror night (3rd August 1990) massacre at Kattankudy that shook the nation and drew worldwide condemnation was meticulously pre-planned and executed in secrecy by Tiger terrorists who had disguised themselves as Muslim prayers and entered famous Meera Jumma and Husseinia mosques in the evening when hundreds of devotees were attending Friday Isha prayers. As hundreds of Muslims knelt in prayer at that critical hour in both mosques, situated in close proximity to each other, those disguised terrorists suddenly went on spraying automatic fire and hurling hand grenades at the worshippers killing most of them on spot. But the final death toll including who succumbed to death in hospitals was about 147 Muslims.”



Groundviews covered the massacre with a photo story.

Kattankudy 4

“We have passed another July, which is considered a dark month in Sri Lanka’s recent history. It was “Black July” that led to a three-decade war and a host of other effects that pushed the country backwards by almost a century.

However, the month of August also holds huge importance in my memory. Firstly, half my immediate family, including myself, were born in August. But some of the darkest memories I carry are also from that month, specifically from August 1990, during the famous mosque massacre in Kattankudy – my village.”