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Heal Lanka raises funds for Victims of 21/4

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating Easter attacks, two childhood friends, Shalaka Wijeyaratne and Amjad Moulana, teamed up to provide the required immediate assistance to those affected. Their initiative Heal Lanka has been raising funds to help those affected.

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Shalaka Wijeyaratne

Shalaka lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka and is a professional that works for a U.S. based integrated consultancy firm that specializes in infrastructure development. He has been involved with executing philanthropic work with nonprofit organizations such as Kind Hearted Lankans and many individual/personal philanthropic deeds.

Shalaka has an earnest drive to help uplift Sri Lankans and the country as whole as he sees the potential this nation bears.

Being a Christian, the horrific attacks on Easter Sunday hit very close to home, which only enhanced and reinforced that drive to assist the needy and helpless.

Moreover, Shalaka will be coordinating the relief efforts to victims and families within Colombo and Negombo.

Amjad Moulana

Amjad lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka and runs an investment advisory and consulting firm. With his hometown being Batticaloa, one of the poorest regions of Sri Lanka, Amjad has long standing ties with the communities there and has been involved in several philanthropical initiatives for those domiciled in the area.

Amjad, being a Muslim, felt an inherent need to help in whichever way possible to provide relief and aid to those affected by these heinous attacks.

He was incidentally, a mere 50 meters away from the Zion Church bombing on Easter Sunday morning, and when he rushed to the spot, he witnessed firsthand the devastation at the church immediately after the explosion, and also the frenzied panic at the Batticaloa Hospital where the victims were rushed to thereafter.

Since the blast, he has been working extensively with the church and the community in providing assistance and aid.

Amjad will be coordinating the majority of the relief efforts to the victims and families in Batticaloa.

Watch this video to learn more about them.