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How to identify FAKE NEWS?

Many pictures on social media have proven to be old or misleading photos not related to recent incidents. A lot of the news items and forwards do not come from verified sources. Use the following websites and applications to verify news.

1. Watchdog App

Download the Watchdog App, where they sniff out suspicious news and verify with authentic reports.

Website: https://watchdog.paladinanalytics.com/fakenews

More about them in our post here. http://www.crclk.com/watchdog-news-verification/

2. AFP Fact Check

AFP has a site for fact checking in Sri Lanka. Follow it for the latest news verifications.

3. FactCheck.lk

They  are a non-profit platform that monitors a select sample of Sri Lankan print media (Sinhala, Tamil, and English) to identify and fact check statements attributed to politicians and policy makers on subjects of public interest.